2023年1月10日 星期二

Wei-Min Chu's Academic Publications

The following list is my publications on JCR-SCI journals. For my most updated publication list, please check  please check PubMed. Updated on Jan 10, 2023.

Wei-Min Chu on Google Scholar, h-index = 8, i10 = 7.


Ho HE, Yeh CJ, Wei JC, Chu WM*, Lee MC. Trends of Multimorbidity Patterns over 16 Years in Older Taiwanese People and Their Relationship to Mortality. Int J Environ Res Public Health2022 Mar 11;19(6).

Chu WM*, Ho HE, Yeh CJ, Hsiao YH, Hsu PS, Lee SH, Lee MC. Self-rated health trajectory and frailty among community-dwelling older adults: evidence from the Taiwan Longitudinal Study on Aging (TLSA). BMJ Open2021 Aug 6;11(8):e049795.

Chu WM*, Ho HE, Yeh CJ, Tsan YT, Lee SH, Lee MC. Late-career unemployment and risk of frailty among older adults in Taiwan: An 8-year population-based cohort study. Geriatr Gerontol Int2021 Apr;21(4):353-358.

Ho HE, Yeh CJ, Chu WM*, Lee MC. Midlife Body Mass Index Trajectory and Risk of Frailty 8 Years Later in Taiwan. J Nutr Health Aging2019;23(9):849-855.

Palliative Care

Chu WM*, Huang PS, Wei JC. Association between long-term opioid use and cancer risk in patients with chronic pain. Comment on Br J Anaesth 2022; 129: 84-91. Br J Anaesth2022 Oct;129(4):e104-e105doi: 10.1016/j.bja.2022.07.007. Epub 2022 Aug 12.

Lin LS, Huang LH, Chang YC, Wang CL, Lee LC, Hu CC, Hsu PS, Chu WM*. Trend analysis of palliative care consultation service for terminally ill non-cancer patients in Taiwan: a 9-year observational study. BMC Palliat Care2021 Nov 25;20(1):181.

Huang LH, Lin LS, Wang CL, Chang YC, Lee LC, Hu CC, Hsu PS, Chu WM*. Palliative Care Consultation Services on Terminally Ill Cancer Patients and Non-Cancer Patients: Trend Analysis from a 9-Year-Long Observational Study in Taiwan. Int J Environ Res Public Health2021 Sep 19;18(18).

Occupational Medicine

Chu WM*, Ho HE, Lin YL, Li JY, Lin CF, Chen CH, Shieh GJ, Tsan WC, Tsan YT. Risk Factors Surrounding an Increase in Burnout and Depression Among Health Care Professionals in Taiwan During the COVID-19 Pandemic. J Am Med Dir Assoc2022 Dec 14;doi: 10.1016/j.jamda.2022.12.010.

Kuo CY, Lin CF, Chung SY, Lin YL, Chu WM*, Chen CC, Tsan YT. Biomonitoring of Urinary Nickel Successfully Protects Employees and Introduces Effective Interventions. Int J Environ Res Public Health2022 Apr 17;19(8).

Lin YL, Chen CH, Chu WM*, Hu SY, Liou YS, Yang YC, Tsan YT. Modifiable risk factors related to burnout levels in the medical workplace in Taiwan: cross-sectional study. BMJ Open2019 Nov 18;9(11):e032779doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2019-032779.

Chu WM*, Ho HE, Wang JD, Chan WC, Liou YS, Ho WC, Hu SY, Tsan YT. Risk of major comorbidities among workers with hemophilia: A 14-year population-based study. Medicine (Baltimore)2018 Feb;97(6):e9803.


Chu WM*, Lee YH, Cheng-Chung Wei J, Lee YH. Comment on Recombinant Adjuvanted Zoster Vaccine and Reduced Risk of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Diagnosis and Hospitalization in Older Adults. J Infect Dis2022 Jul 26;doi: 10.1093/infdis/jiac309.

Tsan YT, Kristiani E, Liu PY, Chu WM*, Yang CT. In the Seeking of Association between Air Pollutant and COVID-19 Confirmed Cases Using Deep Learning. Int J Environ Res Public Health2022 May 24;19(11).

Chu WM*, Shieh GJ, Wu SL, Sheu WH. Use of Facebook by Academic Medical Centers in Taiwan During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Observational Study. J Med Internet Res2020 Nov 20;22(11):e21501.